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Digital marketplace for bitumen.
Independent, neutral and efficient.


Digital marketplace for purchasing, selling & logistics

EBITUMEN is a neutral and independent e-procurement platform for bitumen and optimizes industry-standard trading processes by digitalizing the procurement process. EBITUMEN shortens communication channels for price requests and price quotations which simplifies the request-offer process. With a few clicks, requests can be sent to multiple suppliers who can send a price directly to the customer via the platform. In the individual user account, a price comparison is automatically carried out in order to find the best price for both sides.

Due to its expertise in business intelligence, EBITUMEN delivers precise demand and consumption analyses based on tenders in road construction and reliable delivery flows for logistics planning. In this way, EBITUMEN increases the predictability for all user groups in the bitumen market.




1. Registration

After registration an examination by EBITUMEN will take place shortly which guarantees that only authorized users operate on the platform.




2. Request & Offer

Buyers send a request directly to multiple sellers. Sellers can submit a quote in a fixed time window.




3. Contract

The acceptance of an offer leads to the conclusion of a contract. Contract details are available for download.






EBITUMEN is a subsidiary of N1 Trading GmbH. N1 Trading stands for highly specialised B2B trading platforms. As a start-up with roots in the financial industry, we offer a high degree of agility and security.


What is EBITUMEN doing?

EBITUMEN is a neutral and independent platform for suppliers and buyers of bitumen. As a marketplace, we provide a digital infrastructure for direct business. In dialogue with the users of the platform, we develop optimal solutions for the bitumen trading process.