Service Hotline:

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Registration & Account

Who can register on EBITUMEN?
The platform is intended for suppliers, buyers and logisticians of bitumen. Please note that a user account is required to use EBITUMEN. 


How can I register as a buyer?
In order to create your account as a buyer on EBITUMEN, you must first complete the registration form. After you have filled in and sent the form, you will receive an e-mail with an activation link. The registration is completed after clicking on the link and you can use EBITUMEN to its full extent. 


How can I register as a seller?
To create a seller account, please fill out the contact form. EBITUMEN will contact you immediately to complete your registration. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone at +49 6221 435 525 0 or by e-mail at info@ebitumen.pro


How can I register as a logistician?
As a logistician, please use the contact form for sellers. EBITUMEN will contact you immediately to complete your registration. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by telephone at +49 6221 435 525 0 or by e-mail at info@ebitumen.pro .


Is there a fee for using EBITUMEN?
Sellers and logisticians use the platform for free. Buyers only pay a small transaction fee for each order.


What can I see in my customer account?
All users of the platform have an individual account with an overview of inquiries, offers and contracts. You can also change profile data and payment data in your customer account.


Order process

Do I receive the offers directly from the manufacturer?
Yes, you will receive your offers directly from the respective supplier. EBITUMEN provides only the basis for a central and efficient trading platform and is neutral and independent towards all users.


What types of bitumen are available?
An inquiry for bitumen is based on a standard contract with bitumen 70/100. Based on this, the supplier's price surcharge list valid at the time the contract is concluded applies for available alternative products. Comparability is ensured by EBITUMEN through the use of standardized product names.


How long does it take to receive an offer?
Usually you will receive your offer within 24 hours. Often within a few hours. 


Who is my contractual partner?
The contractual partner is the supplier or customer. EBITUMEN is not part of the contractual relationship, but acts as an intermediary between seller and buyer.


Can I order without registration? 
No, an order without a confirmed account is not possible.


Payment and invoice

How do I pay?
Quantities of 25 tons or more can be requested via the platform. For contracts over 25 tons, EBITUMEN provides a call-off manager so that partial quantities can be called-off within a contract. An invoice is issued for each successful call-off. At the same time, you retain an overview of the contractual and called-off quantities.



Who is responsible for Logistics?
In the case of carriage paid orders, the respective seller is responsible for the delivery of the goods. In the ordering process, buyers have the option of specifying a delivery period. If you receive an offer for an inquiry, the seller confirms the delivery period. In the case of an order ex works, buyers are obliged to collect the specified quantity within the specified period.


How is the delivery date determined?
You can specify a delivery period in the ordering process. When you receive an offer, the seller confirms your specified delivery period.


Can I also pick up my order?
Yes, in the ordering process you determine whether you want to collect the goods yourself (ex works) or have them delivered (carriage paid). 


Where do I see the freight costs?
The freight costs are already included in the price.



Who can I contact if I have any questions?
If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help you. You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm at +49 6221 435 525 0 or by e-mail at info@ebitumen.pro